Bubble Cap Distillation Column JLab

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Bubble Cap Distillation Column
The column is made of Stainless Steel with seven plates for mounting the bubble caps. 
The bottom product is collected in the tank. 
The vapors from the top of the column are condensed in the shell and tube type condenser by cooling water supplied by laboratory overhead tank. 
Each plate is provided with one bubble cap. 
An electrically heated reboiler is installed at the bottom of the column. 
The condensate is divided into reflux and distillate by automatic reflux divider and R/D Ratio can be varied. 
Reflux is fed back to the column and distillate is received in a receiving tank. 
Instrumentation provided for pressure & temperature measurement wherever necessary.
The complete column is insulated for minimizing the heat loss. 

Learning Experiments:
To operate the column under total reflux condition and estimate the minimum number of theoretical plates required.
To estimate the batch distillation curves for a binary system and verify the binary batch distillation equation for a known number of theoretical plates.

Control Panel:
Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.
0-199.9°C, with the multi-channel switch.
0-199.9°C, For Reboiler.

Required for Operation:
Refractometer for analysis.
Required Chemicals.

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