Canine Bovine Porcine JLab

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Pregnancy Detector JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8589

Pregnancy Detector  It is designed to be easy to...

Whelping forceps JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8590

Whelping Forceps Surgical Stainless Steel, 27 cm long...

Snook Ovariectomy Hook JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8592

Snook Ovariectomy Hook Snook Ovariectomy Hook (New), ...

Eye Speculum JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8595

Eye Speculum Length (inches): Overall size: 44 x 25.0...

Dog Catheter JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8598

Dog Catheter  Luer lock injection port with chec...

Nipper For Dogs Claws JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8599

Nipper For Dogs Claws

Docking Puppies Tail Scissors JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8601

Docking Puppies Tail Scissors

Mouth Gag JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8604

Mouth Gag Since the beginning of the use of mouth gag...

Auto scope Set Of Speculum JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8605

Auto scope Set Of Speculum

Trocar & Canula JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8606

Trocar & Canula  High quality surgical steel...

Blunt Lambing Hook JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8609

Blunt Lambing Hook It may also be used for retraction...

Lambing And Farrowing Forceps JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8610

Lambing And Farrowing Forceps Gently grasp the pig an...

Foot Root Shear JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8611

Foot Root Shear Overall length 7.5" SuperSh...

Electrocautery Apparatus JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8612

Electrocautery Apparatus An apparatus for surgical di...

Hob Days Vectis JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8614

Hob Days Vectis

Obstetric Hook JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8615

Obstetric Hook 21.6 cm (8.5") long with move abl...

Emasculator Bitch JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8617

Emasculator Bitch 

Cat Catheter JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8619

Cat Catheter  Cat Catheters with side holes. ...

Nail Cutter JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8622

Nail Cutter Great choice for thick fungus nails. ...

Mouth Opener JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8623

Mouth Opener  Advantages:- Provides p...

Drenching Gun JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8624

Drenching Gun The gun is very simple and effective to...

Sheap Shear JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8626

Sheap Shear 6" shearing blades. 12" si...

Farrowing Forceps JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8627

Farrowing Forceps  Farrowing Forceps Made by Sta...

Pig Hook JLab

Product Code JL-CBPJ-8628

Pig Hook