Circuit Board JLab

Circuit Board
Circuit board for making  
Connections with holes.
1 Base board
12 Connectors plain. 
For building the circuit
9 Lamp holders, mounted on connectors
1 Rheostat, mounted on a connector
2 Push switches, mounted
2 Crocodile connectors with lead
2 Crocodile clips
1 Reel of bare copper wire
1 Reel of bare eureka wire
1 Reel of plastic covered copper wire
2 Leads, crocodile to 4mm plug connectors
1 copper foil 150mm square
1 Resistor
2 Soft iron nails
1 Piece of steel wool
1 Rectier
4 Pencil leads
1 Hardboard disc
10 Lamps 1.25V 

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